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cefalicchio - canosa di puglia - italy
cefalicchio - canosa di puglia - italy
cefalicchio - canosa di puglia - italy
cefalicchio - canosa di puglia - italy

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Manolis Zacharioudakis: Artworks, 2004-2006 from 15.09.2007 to 15.09.2008

Foreword by Fabrizio Rossi

The Azienda Agricola Cefalicchio is a family company devoted to the production, manufacturing and distribution ofhigh-quality organic agricultural products as well as to the promotion of the food and agriculture tradition of Apulia and of its natural environment.

Cefalicchio estate is situated only 3 km outside the centre of Canosa di Puglia, a city noted far its rich archaeological heritage. Cefalicchio has been in the hands ofthe Rossi family since the middle of the nineteenth century. A second producticion unit
- the Lama Marangi estate - is located near Minervino Murge. Today the Azienda Agricola Cefalicchio spreads out over a total of around 100 hectares and is nestled in a typically Mediterranean hilly landscape that is delightful in ali seasons.

The changeover to the bio-dynamic method of agriculture took place in 1992. Ever since, the Azienda Agricola Cefalicchio has pledged itselfto establishing an environment-friendly activity that works in total harmony with its naturai surroundings. The bio-dynamic or organic method of agriculture highlights links and affinities (not necessarily of a physical nature) connecting the farmer and his farm to the surrounding environment.

Thus it comes as no surprise that the Azienda Agricola Cefalicchio has chosen to link its principal activity -that is, wine-making - with art. The result is the "Wine Art /Fine Arts " programme, in which the Azienda introduces its public to Italian and foreign artists whose works transmit the same patience and care we transfuse daily into our wines.



cefalicchio cefalicchio cefalicchio cefalicchio