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cefalicchio - canosa di puglia - italy
cefalicchio - canosa di puglia - italy
cefalicchio - canosa di puglia - italy
cefalicchio - canosa di puglia - italy

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Manolis Zacharioudakis: Artworks, 2004-2006 from 15.09.2007 to 15.09.2008

Artworks, 2004-2006

The exhibitions brings together ink and tempera paintings on hand made paper (papier màché) front the 2004-2006 period.

The artist plays with "corridor metaphysics", with internai and external sites, with lonely women flgures in closed and at the same time open settings - veritable models of a personal architecture. He brings great care to the "procedure" and the "Joy" resulting in the creation of a work, which makes it a work ofart.

Through a self-referential art, an art within an art, the artist rediscovers his post and present. Thus a sort of small retrospectwe ofthe artist takes place in every one ofhis work on show.

His work has inspired thefollowing words: "I recognize Manolis Zacharioudakis' work among many others - despite thefact that he is not a pointer who repeats himself. On the contrary, he constantly changes themes, stories, materials andforms. [Yet his work] shows a common trait: an ancientpop. What do I mean by this? Manolis Zacharioudakis is a narrator... He tells stories, epic events, adventures ofthe body andmind, passions ofthe soul... And he gives shape to these stories with every means, in a literal sense: in his hands no material remains poor and inexpressive and no experiment seems too risky. Ancient because of his multiple startingpoints. And pop. Totallypop. Absolutely contemporary and popular because of his multiple expressions ... an artist ofhis Urne, he glides adventurously on the crest ofthe wave, listens to binary Urne, pits himself against it, dives under the wave, immerses himself in the imprint oftime, feeds on the everyday, finds the eternai pastures in the depths oftime, grazes there too and emerges holding in his hands the story and the paintings. " (N. Xidakis, Edeukthirio, no. 72, spring 2006).

Note: the artist hands over his work directfy to the purchaser, who takes possession of them the week after the exhibition ends. Azienda Agricola Cefalicchio is responsible for Storage during the exhibition andfor sending them on to their final destination.



cefalicchio cefalicchio cefalicchio cefalicchio